Surface Inlets and Catch Basin

Natural and man-made surface drainage features in a landscape can direct water to the edge of the field or to installed features such a tile risers or catch basins. Catch basins are often found at the edge of a field, directing surface water to a tile or directly to a receiving drainage channel. Runoff associated with bare ground areas that direct water to surface inlet structures should be evaluated for surface water concentrations of nutrients and sediment. Water quality improvements may be seen by using grassed water ways or other vegetated areas to filter sediment. Other practices that take advantage of a soil’s natural filtering capabilities can also be beneficial.


Catch Basins  

Catch basin showing surface flow

Catch basin closeup

1/2013 Hancock Co. LaBarge 1/2013 Hancock Co. LaBarge
Tile Riser  
Surface water erosion moving to tile riser Tile riser
NRCS 9/2015 Hardin Co. McBride

Best Management Practices