Roofs and Covers/Roof Runoff Structures (NRCS 367 & 558)

A rigid, semi-rigid, or flexible manufactured membrane, composite material, or roof structure placed over a waste management facility, agrichemical handling facility, or an on-farm secondary containment facility.

A structure that will collect , control and convey precipitation runoff from a roof.


What is it: 

Provide a roof or cover to:

  • protect clean water from dilution in waste water in an existing or planned animal waste handling or storage area
  • improve waste management and utilization to protect nearby surface water quality
  • capture biogas emissions from an existing or planned animal waste storage facility to reduce the net effect of greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality, and reduce odor as a result of:
  1. biological treatment with composite cover material
  2. combustion by flare
  3. combustion by engine generator for energy production
  • protect clean water by excluding it from a chemically contaminated area

Roof Runoff Structure is applied to achieve one or more of the following purposes:

  • Protect surface water quality by excluding roof runoff from contaminated areas
  • Protect a structure foundation from water damage or soil erosion from excess water runoff
  • Increase infiltration of runoff water
  • Capture water for other uses