Critical Area Planting (NRCS 342)

Establishing permanent vegetation on sites that have, or are expected to have, high erosion rates, and on sites that have physical, chemical, or biological conditions that prevent the establishment of vegetation with normal seeding/planting methods.

Where is it used: 

This practice applies to highly disturbed areas such as

  • Active or abandoned mined lands.
  • Urban restoration sites.
  • Construction areas.
  • Conservation practice construction sites.
  • Areas needing stabilization before or after natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornados, and wildfires.
  • Eroded banks of natural channels, banks of newly constructed channels, and lake shorelines.
  • Other areas degraded by human activities or natural events

Why install it: 

  • Stabilize areas with existing or expected high rates of soil erosion by wind or water.
  • Stabilize stream and channel banks, pond and other shorelines, earthen features of structural conservation practices.
  • Stabilize areas such as sand dunes and riparian areas